Find out where we will complete training, work on specialties, and where you can join us for a weekend.

Do you have free weekends that you'd rather spend making bubbles? Come join us for some fun in the sun at one of these locations! Call the store and ask where we will be this upcoming weekend and we can get you ready to dive!

If you are a new diver or getting ready to finish up your certification this is where you will find information on where we will be diving for the weekend. We are always running trips out to one of these locations if your schedule needs early planning. 

There are a few places where we dive on a regular basis. Norfork Lake (off of our boat) and Mermet Springs are the two main places.  We also run trips to Florida, the store will blast out information about when and where we will travel there. Be on the lookout if something like that interests you. If you need more information about the Lake or Mermet Springs check out our informational pages about the two places.