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MERMET SPRINGS DIVING One of the locations where we dive on a regular basis

This beautiful quarry houses many fun diving attractions for old or new divers. We will always rent out a pavillion for our divers. Entry fee is $20 per day that you will give to your instructor sunday afternoon. 


For new divers find a divemaster and ask for a tour! We will lead you to everything above or below water. If you have come here to finish up a certification just stick by your instructor and once we get you finished up and officially certified any one of our other divers would love to take you to some of the sites you missed or didn't get a full opporotunity to explore (while staying within your limits).


Certified divers who have come with us to dive MUST check in at the front office. Sign in under J&T Dive Shop and be sure to bring a certification card with you. The main office will hold on to it until you check out or are finished diving. Sunday you will need to pay the $20 daily fee to one of our instructors under the pavillion.