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NORFORK LAKE Boat Diving at Norfork Lake

Norfork Lake Diving
The most used location where we dive and finish up certifications.

Norfork is a great place to go for water skiing, tubing, hanging out and many other things BUT it is also great for Scuba Diving!

Anyone is more than welcome to join us on our boat that we dock at Jordan Marina but we also finish up the majority of Open Water classes and Specialties at this beautiful lake. 

As mentioned we have our on pontoon boat that we dock out at Jordan Marina. If you are already a certified diver and in need of a bubble making weekend, give us a call and you are more than welcome to join us out on the boat. No payment necessary but the Tip Tank is there if you wish to give something back. There are a few rules/tidbits to be noted for new and old divers and here's what they are;

  • We have a cooler for water on the boat and we also cook hot dogs for lunch. If there is anything else you would prefer to eat for lunch you are welcome to bring it. If it needs to be thrown on the grill just let us know! Any drinks can be kept in the cooler on the boat or you can bring a cooler of your own to keep fruit or cold snacks in. 
  • No alcohol or drugs on the boat. REMEMBER you can dive THEN drink but you can NEVER drink THEN dive. Its very dangerous to be under any kind of influence while diving not to mention there will more than likely be young children on the boat. 
  • There is a bathroom on the boat, everyone will be instructed on how to use it during the morning dive briefing. If there is an emergency or you are feeling sick just let someone know and we can go back to the dock and let you off.



For new divers who have never been on our boat, you are in for an experience. First things first everyone on the boat must sign a safety waver. The dive master on board will pass these out so everyone can be accounted for. There are bungie straps above the seats so you can strap in your tank once your gear is assembled. Once you have assembled your gear please drop your gear bags into the metal boxes under your seat. A clean walkway is an easy walkway. All of the weight is stored in one of the red boxes at the back of the boat but we will bring extra in case of many divers.

We do keep an O2 kit and Emergency kit on the boat in case if someone gets hurt or if someone gets a minor cut we also have bandaids and anything else we may need. 



One of our lovely staff has made silver plates that you will use to check in and out before and after a dive. When you get ready to get off the boat you should clip your number to the off side so we know you have gotten off the boat. When you get back move your clip to the on board side so we know everyone is accounted for aside from counting heads or doing roll call after every dive.