How did we get started?

Our store opened in 1973 when Jerry and Terry came together to start something new. We've had a few different locations but have been at 1610 North Culberhouse street since 2019. Once a family business always a family business. The store is now ran by Keith (Terry's son) and his daughter Madison. Keith is one of the instructors for the store who is working on becoming an instructor trainer.

We certify students from 10 and up from a junior open water diver to instructor. We sell top of the line gear and offer many different kinds of specialties. We fill, clean, and service tanks, BCDs, and regulators. Almost anything you are looking for we can and will provide.

Scuba diving is our main focus but there are other things that we do as well.


Kids can bring their own equipment or rent a marker from us. We have three different courses that kids can play. Two open courses and one woods course. Children must be 10 years old and up to participate. For more information feel free to check out our page about it or call the store.