• Bahamas - Blackbeards 2025

Bahamas - Blackbeards 2025

Planning your trips for 2025? Blackbeards is one of our favorites!

Enjoy 6 days of delicious food, beautiful diving, and a great time with a fantastic crew in the Bahamas!

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The Blackbeard's Liveaboard

Six beautiful days on the water, up to 19 dives during the trip, delicious food, and even shark feeding dives, who could ask for a better trip? You'll have the chance to see turtles, rays, sharks, and even lion fish! On top of that you'll get to experience an awesome drift dive where multiple currents meet called "the washing machine". Pack your gear, your camera, and your sense of fun and adventure!






Where will we dive?

In this map you'll see all of the dives sites that you could

possibly dive during your stay. You'll board the boat in Nassau then make your way through the Exumas. Your trip includes a shark feeding dive, the drift washing machine dive, a visit to the lizards, and opporotunities for night dives. You may not dive at every site but you're definitely going to enjoy every site you do visit!









What should I pack for a trip like this?

If you do not own your own equipment you should consider renting a set or putting a set in rent-to-own! If you do own your own equipment, make sure to have it serviced before your trip to ensure your gear is in proper working order. Other things you should pack are:

  1. Your mask, fins, snorkel, and boots.
  2. A camera and housing if required as well as a back up SD card
  3. Reef safe sunscreen.
  4. A flash light and tank marker light.
  5. A few swim suits.
  6. Reef Safe shampoo and body wash.
  7. Your clothes.
  8. Chargers.
  9. A personal cup.


How does this trip work?

It may sound like a goofy question, but for those divers who have never been on a liveaboard, the Blackbeard's cruise is super easy to join. 

On Saturday everyone will board the boat at noon. You will unpack your dive gear and immediately assemble it in the gear rack where it will stay for the week. Guests will also locate their bed and place their other bags in their spot. After unpacking, all ship guests will sit up top for a safety briefing and to sign any last minute paperwork. The plan is to depart from the marina by 3:00 pm. Everyone will eat dinner on the boat then head off to bed to rest for the first full day of diving. 

Saturday through Wednesday you will have the chance to make three day dives and one night dive. You are not required to make every dive offered but honestly why miss one? Each day you will eat breakfast, be offered a snack (be sure to try the cream cheese with sweet chili as it has quickly become a home staple in the Sharp house), and enjoy a delicious dinner. 

Thursday on the return trip you'll make two more dives and arrive back at the marina between 2:00-5:00 pm depending on weather and travel distance. It is here that you'll get a chance to purchase any souviners and take lots of other pictures. Dinner will be served on the boat for the entire crew and guest list.

Friday morning everyone is off the boat and on their way home by 9:00 am.


While you're staying on the boat there are things to know about your duration. You'll learn how to use the toilet and shower, shown how to use the in and out of water system, told when any adult beverages will be offered, and have opporotunities to hang out with the crew and other guests who you may not know. There is a fresh water rinse tank where you can dip your cameras and flash lights and a fresh water hose where you can rinse yourself off, do the other guests a favor and don't feel like you should shower after every single dive. Rinse your hands and face, dunk your small equipment, and then pass it on to the next guest in line. You are able to take a full shower off the back of the boat from the fresh water hose as long as there is not a line but you should always use reef safe shampoo and wash to protect the marine life in the ocean. 


This is a map of what the lower decks look like on either the Sea Explorer or the Morning Star. All of your meals will be prepared and served in the galley however you can take your plate up on the deck. You can request a specific bunk when booking your trip (just call the store) and we will do our best to get that bunk saved for you. Singles are in the front of the boat while couples are in the double bunk spaces. If there is over flow of singles they will be moved into the double bunks however it is not guaranteed that you will be moved there. 


You should also know that the crew on these ships work on gratuity. Your trip fee does not include any kind of tip meant for the crew so if you have a great time, please let them know just how much you loved the trip! These guys work extremely hard to ensure you have a fantastic time between your food, your dives, and your stay as a whole. 



How do I book?

You can book for yourself or for multiples online, in store, or on the phone! A minimum of $250 is required for the deposit to hold any spaces. Once you've paid your minimum deposit we will need to get in touch with you to determine if you have a desired location on the boat. 












Can I make payments towards this?

Of course you can make payments towards your trip! Final payment is due by February 1st and all monthly payments are due by the 15th of the month each month. If you would like to rent a set of equipment for the week please speak to one of the staff at the store or if you'd like to put a set of gear into rent-to-own come by and lets get your gear bag all set up!



Final Notes

~The $250 deposit can be made by cash/check/card, all following payments should be made by cash or check. If you must make a payment with a card, the payment is subject to a 3.5% processing fee. 

~This trip does not include your airfare or hotel stay if you arrive in Nassau early. We would reccommend staying in an Airbnb, VRBO, or a nearby hotel. Airport transfers can be set up in advance for $18 each way. This transfer is only from the airport to the marina. 

~You will be required to fill out paperwork BEFORE you depart to Nassau. Part of this paperwork includes an allergy list. You will need to let the cook know what you are allergic to so that there is always something available for you to eat. 

~J&T Dive Shop is not responsible for lost/stolen/broken equipment. You should look into getting some kind of insurance before you leave as well as travel insurance. 

~J&T Dive Shop does not provide refunds for cancellations, in the event you must cancel your trip we will issue what you have paid as store credit towards a future trip or equipment purchases. If All Star Liveaboards must cancel due to weather, the company will issue a future credit for the same trip. This credit does not expire and can be rebooked with the company itself. 

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