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Paintball Park

Come out and play a family fun game for a day.

A fun weekend is just in sight!
Book your next group for a birthday, anniversary, work day, or any occasion now!

Parties must be booked and paid in advance at the store.

We book for two different sizes of parties:

  • A group of 10 players costs $195 and includes the rental of the park for the day, the mask and gun rental for each player, hot dogs, and air fills through the party's duration.
  • A group of 20 players costs $350 and includes the rental of the park for the day, the mask and gun rental for each player, hot dogs, and air fills through the party's duration. Groups of twenty must be booked by calling our store.

Parties fees DO NOT include the cost of paint or drinks and neither party fee includes paint. A case of 2000 rounds costs $55 and drinks are $1.00. A group of 10 will usually go through 2-3 cases of paint in about 3-4 hours. We DO NOT allow outside paint or drinks on the property. If we see any coolers you will be asked to leave them locked in your vehicle or remove them from the property all together.

We can do a special reservation for large groups of 30 or more. You will need to contact us directly by phone or by coming into the store to discuss a booking of that size or larger.

All players must be 10 years or older.  We also have a safety waiver that must be filled out before anyone can step onto the field, and anyone who remains on the premises (whether or not you are playing) must fill one out as well.

We do not allow alcohol or coolers on the premises. We sell soda and water out of the office for a dollar each. We do allow birthday cakes and ice cream and we can store them in the freezer for you while your party is playing.

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Come in prepared!

While we do want for everyone to have fun and enjoy their time with us we do have a few rules that could keep a player from the field if broken. Before you come out try and go over these rules with your party, they will be gone over by the employee on the day of play but reinforcing these rules ahead of time will help keep everyone safe and make sure no one has to sit out a game.

  1. While on the saftey side of the net, keep your barrel plug in the marker with the bungee wrapped around the stock.

  2. As you cross the net, put your mask on and leave it on. There have been too many incidents of kids being shot in the face and losing an eye for players to lift their masks on the other side of the net.
    • First time lifting the mask off, you will be called out and recieve a warning.
    • Second sighting of a player removing/lifting their mask they will sit out the rest of the game.
    • Third time removing/lifting the mask the player will not be allowed to play the rest of the day.
  3. Do not shoot a player point blank. Playing this game at all will lead to some bruising. The paintballs are traveling anywhere from 200-299 MPS (meters per second). If someone is shot at point blank range it will break skin more so than at 15 feet. We do recognize that sometimes people sneak up on you and a split second action leads to this kind of shot, but do not seek out an opporotunity to shoot your friends directly in the back of their head or anywhere else.
  4. If you see wildlife in the woods such as rabbits, snakes, birds, or even possibly deer do not shoot them. While some of these animals may not attack you snakes could. If you choose to shoot these animals anyways we are not responsible for the repercussions.
  5. No coolers are allowed at the park (too many occasions of people bringing alcohol and getting hurt). We sell water and soda throughout the day. Waters and sodas are a dollar, Gatorades are two. If you are celebrating a birthday and would like to keep a cake cold we can keep it in our fridge. 
  6. We will cook hot dogs for lunch for all players and family who are on the premises. If you can find a place that will deliver out to the park you can order pizza but please be mindful and throw your trash away or take left overs with you.


Saftey Waiver

We do have a saftey waiver that must be filled out before anyone can collect their equipment or step onto the field. Your party may not be the only one on the premises and if someone steps out onto the field to take a picture you must also wear a helmet but you risk being marked. We do have paperwork the must be filled out by everyone, not just the players. To download and print this waiver click here, and then bring the waiver with you to the field.

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