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VORTEX SPRINGS 2022 Spring Break Trip to Florida

Vortex Springs 2022

Overview of Vortex



    Join us for a quick trip to Defuniak Springs in Florida for some beautiful diving! We will be leaving the 24th of March and will come home the 27th of March. Those who want to go on this trip MUST stay with our group in the hotels we booked. We want everyone to get the same amount of dives in while we are gone.



March 24th - We will leave Jonesboro to begin our trek towards Florida. We have booked a night at the Oak Mountain Inn in Pelham, Alabama.

March 25th - Our group will check out of the hotel and finish the drive to Florida. We have a hotel reserved in Defuniak Springs (The Crossroads Inn). When we arrive we will check into the hotel and then head over to Vortex for a few dives. The trip fee covers your entry fee into the park

March 26th - We will all go into vortex springs to make a few dives that day (your entry fee is still covered). We will check out of the hotel in Defuniak and begin heading home to Jonesboro. The group has one more night booked in Pelham, Alabama so to avoid anyone driving while too exhausted. 

March 27th - Check out of the hotel and finish driving home. 


 What's the cost?

This trip is fully planned out for you. Three nights in hotels and all of your air and entry fees. The only thing not included is your meals. The full trip cost is $550 per person who is diving and $540 per person who is a non-diver. Please let us know when booking if you will be bringing anyone with you who will not be diving as they will need to pay for their hotels and entry fees as non divers. 


Where are we staying?

On Thursday night we will stop in Pelham Alabama and spend the night at the Oak Mountain Inn. Breakfast is available here and your room cost is included in the trip fee. 

Friday evening we will stay in Defuniak Springs at the Crossroads Inn. Once again your breakfast is included here and we hope you all get a good meal in before our day of diving. 

Saturday we will begin our drive home and will once again stay at the Oak Mountain Inn in Pelham Alabama. After diving all morning everyone will be exhausted and we want you all to be safe in everything you do. 

All three nights are included in your trip fee and you must stay in the same hotels as our group. We require this to insure arrival time at the sites to be the same.