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CRYSTAL RIVER TRIP Florida trip after Christmas

Crystal River 2023

Dec 26 – 31

Come join us and swim with the Manatees.  On this trip that is great for the whole family, we will be snorkeling with the Manatees “Mermaids” along with diving in several of the local springs.  There will be tons of fun and lots of stories shared on this adventure.

The first day we will just drive straight to Crystal River Florida where we will have a private residence that we are staying in.  No hotels this time. (except on the way home)  We will have private bedrooms and a great living area to just hang out in.  Now while we eat out most meals for dinner we are planning one night to cook out there at the house and just hang. 
The second day we will do the manatee adventure where we will snorkel with the Mermaids.  The water is 68° and the viz is crystal clear in and around the springs of the river.  Typically there is numerous manatees in the river by this time, so seeing some is usually not a problem.
The other dives that we will be doing will be based upon water levels at the and we will have some choices of places like Devil’s Den, Blue Grotto, Troy Springs, Genie Springs, and maybe even Morrison Springs. 

We will also do a half day drift dive on Rainbow river.  This is truly LAZY diving.  We will take a short boat ride up to near the head spring and just let the current push us down river while taking in the sights. 
There are some great places to eat that we will visit while there as well.  One has the greatest views of sunsets.

 This trip is $585 per person.  This includes all entry fees, lodging, boat rentals, diving fees, and airfills. And dinner one night at the house.