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Black Beard's Cruise, Bahamas trip

Looking to make some bubbles in clear water and dive with sharks, sting rays, and turtles? Look no further than this trip! We will be joining the Blackbeard's crew June 17th-23th of 2023. This is a great trip to be on for first time divers or anyone wanting to disconnect for a few days and just enjoy the open ocean. This trip is officially booked up. I'm sure we will run this trip again in the future for those who were wanting to join the group. In the future if you are wanting to be on this boat you should book your spots as early as possible. The spots always fill up fast and are gone before the year is over. 


What's included in this trip?

Need to know what to expect on this trip? No biggie! Here is a list of everything included in our trip pricing.

  1. Up to 19 dives throughout the 6 days we are on the boat. 
  2. All meals and snacks on the boat. 
  3. Air refills while on the boat.
  4. Beautiful diving, water, and a wonderful time
  5. Tanks and weights
  6. Beer, wine, and rum punch


What should I bring?

  1. The sleeping quarters are not meant for large bags, so pack light! You'll need a few different swim suits, a few t-shirts, shorts, sleep wear, and a couple of towels. There are lockers at the docks where we will store our empty gear bags while we are out at sea. 
  2. It is reccommended to bring your own set of dive gear BUT if you don't own a set we can rent a set to you at the store or you can rent it from the blackbeard's team. You will need to bring your mask, fins, snorkel, and boots with you and these items will be checked in at the air port for easy travels. 
  3. There wont be any internet while we are on the ship , so there is no need in packing a laptop, game systems, or anything of the sort. Feel free to pack a deck of cards, camera, and spare batteries. There will be a way to charge your phone while on the boat if you plan to use it for photos.
  4. Spending money! The crew will sell t-shirts, stickers, cups and all kinds of souvenirs to remember this great trip by. Not only that but the crew works for gratuity! So be sure to tip our cook, divemaster, and our captain at the end of our trip. The last day on the island we will all go out with the crew to enjoy a night of laughter and drinks.
  5. Reef safe sun screen and lotions. Regular sunscreen can damage the beautiful reefs we are working so hard to protect. Stop by the dive shop and pick up a bottle of sunscreen before the trip and any other little bits you might need!
  6. You need to bring a good attitude with you when you board the boat. We will be living together for a few days and we all will get to be very close. So be sure to keep a good attitude to ensure a fun and amazing trip!
  7. Sea/Motion sickness medicine is always a good thing to pack for trips like this. Whether you get sick in car rides or not, if you've never been on a boat for several days at a time you may not know whether or not you get sea sick. Pack a preventative just in case so you never have to sit out on a dive.


What will I spend on this trip?

To garuntee your spot on the boat, we need a $100 deposit at the store. You will need to come in and make payments up until Marh of 2023 to ensure that you will be joining us on the boat. 

The trip's total cost $1,055 + $155 port fees. Boarding time for our trip starts at 12:00 pm on the 19th and you must be on the boat no later than 1:00 pm. The boat will disembark at 3:00 after we go over the safety briefing and common procedures of the vessel such as how to use the head and the rules of the shower. Our last dive will be early in the afternoon the next Thursday so we have plenty of time to be ready to fly home the next day. 

Our store does not include flight plans in this trip nor do we include hotels. We encourage those who go on this trip to book their flights to fly into Nassau on the 16th and then spend the night on the island. If you choose not to do so please be sure your flight plans to land no later than 12:00 pm on the 17th.  The liveaboard company offers pickup and drop off services to and from the airport, hotel, and marina. Air bnb stays are not covered under this transportation. 


What does the boat look like?

 This diagram shows where the bunks, heads, and kitchen are. Boat diagram

 This is what one of the ships look like from the outside. We will either be on the Morning Star or the Sea explorer


 Exterior boat